Friend & Foe is an independent game developer founded in 2014 by five devilishly handsome artists & unlettered programmers. We've set up shop in Tokyo to put our years of experience and complaining to the test - going full indie and bringing our own games to the world. We consist of four Swedes-in-exile, two parts Southern European madman and two hearty helpings of west coast US of A. We are clearly up to no good.

We are currently working on our first game together - Vane

Our work experience as individuals span some notable AAA stuff, including The Last Guardian, Battlefield 3, Bionic Commando & Killzone to name a few. As many before us, however, we grew tired of working for big companies and chose instead to bet it all on pooling our talents and set out on the great indie adventure we always wanted. We really hope you enjoy the ride and see what we get up to!

The Fellas

Ivar Dahlberg

Somewhere between a teacher, an illustrator and an accountant, our resident sensei Ivar draws upon years of experience teaching 3d to students at Sweden's Playground Squad as well as managing art assets in AAA game production. Also known as the High-Gloss Boss, Ivar is a wizard at tech art, tools and shaders, but we'd be lost without his high-gloss wisdom as the director of Vane. 

Rasmus Deguchi

Chief art insurgent and self-proclaimed backseat driver, Rasmus is an environment artist and wannabe art director. He longs for the day when one of his teammates will bother to write him some pithy bio text, but isn't holding his breath. When he isn't busy sculpting virtual rock formations or obsessing over particle effects, Rasmus worries about indie PR and who left the coffee on for too long. 

Aitor Gaston

Aitor Gaston adds one to the Spanish ranks here at Friend & Foe, but brings a Japanese fortitude harnessed from his years in the Japanese games & animation industry. We dare not ask what this man has witnessed out there in the dark, but we are happy to have him here in the light, helping us with our animation needs. Aitor is a cool customer, as handy with an animation rig as he is with a bikewrench in a time of need, and we look forward to growing old together. Vale perfecto. 

Thomas Lilja

Founder of founders and father to small children, Thomas is the warm heart beating at the center of Friend & Foe. Using his title as Audio Director as an excuse to fondle an increasing amount of synthesizer hardware, Thomas makes awesome sounds & music but still finds time to use his many years as a game artist to act as our much-needed admin and producer. 


Alexander Mathew

Captain of the Ninja Team, Alexander Mathew dashed over here from USC, where his studies in game design proves to be putting us all to shame on a daily basis. A razor-sharp young man who parkours his way to work, Alex figures out all our scripting needs while mumbling words like "diegetic" and "ludonarrative dissonance" to a hip hop beat.

Victor Santaquiteria

Firmly representing the fast-talking, hot-blooded Spanish phalanx of our company, Victor is a character artist turned coder who heads our gameplay code with great panache. Vic talks fast and acts faster, and possesses a deep love for 80's action classics he likes to pretend is totally ironic. Manly love has a name, and its name is Santaquiteria. 

Matt Smith

Forged in the fires of corporate America, this Kalifornische wunderkind went rogue like the rest of us, fled to Japan and ultimately washed up on the pristine shores of the Japanese indie scene. That's where we handed him a shovel. A Graduate with Honors from the School of Making Others Work Harder, Matt is our producer, code plumber and nr 1 talking head. Right around lunch time he gets real busy smoke-ganking fools on mid, but we don't hold that against him.

Johannes Varmedal

Johannes Varmedal is our hometown hero, a man whose passion for the good life, ancient danish traditions and karaoke mastery run as deep as his output behind a computer. Feed this man some pork rind, and high-quality 3d will follow. Johannes comes to us as a 3d art contractor from back home - the great, the only, the unwashed Swedish south. We do nothing to dilute those rough edges, that profound baritone, or that purest of hearts. Johannes is the son we never had, and he just came back to help at the farm.